Lightweight Rules


MSRA and SRAA Men’s Weight Maximum: 150 lbs. (no averaging)

MSRA and SRAA Women’s Weight Maximum: 130 lbs. (no averaging)

Rowers must bring a picture ID (School ID preferred or driver’s license) to weigh ins.

All lightweight rowers including potential substitutes must complete the MSRA health certificate between January 15th and April 1 of the regatta year with their entry.

Certification must be completed by a licensed athletic trainer or skin fold assessor.

Once certified, all lightweight athletes must be registered using the MSRA Lwt Submission Form by email to by April 1 of the regatta year. Submission information will be on each certificate.

Deadline extensions to April 15 may be granted upon request. Requests must be made via email to PRIOR to the April 1 deadline.

Certificates will not be accepted the day of the regatta.

Failure to register athletes by April 1, 2016, or by April 15 when granted, will result in exclusion from racing.

A roster of registered athletes will be provided to teams by May 1, 2016.

Any rower under the minimum percentage body fat must have a doctor’s signed approval in order to compete. This approval must be sent to MSRA ( by the May 1 of the regatta year.

There will be no exceptions to these rules without the express consent of the MSRA Board of Directors. No exceptions will be made after 6pm Friday of the event weekend the event weekend.

Questions, clarification, and ancillary documents should be send to


Have all potential athletes weighed and approved by a certified trainer or body-fat assessor, and record this information, the health form can be found at the bottom of the page.

Please note that this weigh-in and body fat determination protocol will also suffice for lightweight procedures required by the Scholastic Rowing Association of America (SRAA). The results that are entered on the attached Health Form can also be entered by your certified trainer directly onto the SRAA website.


Beginning 2017, MSRA will accept BF% measurements to be performed by any method the certified trainer deems reliable. Skin Fold measurement (caliper) is still accepted, but not required. Trainers are still required to assure proper hydration prior to testing.

MSRA will provide an Excel workbook (MSRA Lwt Submission Form.xls) to complete the process. Health Certificates will be completed as before as in the past and should be kept on file. It is recommended that coaches have these forms onsite at the regatta should verification be required.

On the first sheet of the workbook enter the requested School, Coach and Trainer information. This is the same information required in years past.

There are Information Pages for male and female athletes. Fill out the requested information, also the same as in years past.

The calculation page is included for those who may need its use.

The deadline for online registration is April 1, 2017. Once you have completed the process for all athletes you wish to register, rename the file SCHOOL_NAME_Lwt17.xls and email it to To avoid confusion, please submit only once with all of your athletes. Additional athletes can be added after the form is submitted, but this should be an exception rather than a rule.

A deadline extension to April 15 may be granted upon request, providing that the request is made prior to the original April 1 deadline.

If an athlete’s body-fat is BELOW 7% (men) or 12%(women), you must provide a physician’s approval to MSRA at this email address by May 1 to be allowed to race.

These deadlines are FIRM. An athlete who is not in our records will NOT be able to row as a lightweight at the regatta on May 13, 2017. All athletes will need to weigh-in as usual on Saturday, May 13 before racing. There will be no exceptions.



US Rowing rule 4-110 does not apply for this regatta.

If possible, test scales will be open Friday evening in the weigh-in area from 4pm to 6pm. This will be announced on Friday.

Rowers must bring a picture ID (School ID preferred or driver’s license).

There will be only one official weigh-in period for the entire regatta on Saturday morning.

The window for weigh-ins is from 6:ooam to 9:30am.

All weigh-in procedures must be completed two hours prior to the published race time.

Rowers scheduled in the earlier races will be given priority.

All rowers and coxswains must be present by boat in their team racing uniform for weigh-ins.

Coxswains do not weigh in.

All substitutes will weigh in with their boat mates.

Weigh-ins will be conducted as a yes/no system without actual weight being announced.

Rowers that do not make weight on the first try will be excluded from all lightweight events for the entire regatta.

Rowers making weight must attach the lightweight wristband to their “outside” hand before leaving the weigh-in area.

Wristbands are to remain in place until the conclusion of rowing in the regatta.

Problems with wristbands must be brought to the attention of the referee in charge of weigh-ins

Food is not permitted in the weigh-in area.

MSRA Lightweight Procedures 2017

MSRA Lwt Submission Form 2017



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