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By-Laws of the Midwest Scholastic Rowing Association


The name of this organization shall be the Midwest Scholastic Rowing Association (MSRA).

ARTICLE II – Purpose

The purpose of this Association shall be:

Section 1. To serve the interests of  scholastic rowing within the geographical region of the Association with respect to:

  • Sponsoring an annual Midwest Scholastic Championship during the second full weekend in May. The site, events and rules (as specified in the MSRA Regatta Rules) of the Championship to be determined by the Association. Participation is limited to member organizations in good standing.
  • Promoting information exchange and regatta scheduling among the member organizations.
  • Serving as the representative body for scholastic rowing in the midwest to the USRowing Association Youth Committee.

Section 2. To receive money in the form of annual organizational dues to be used for expenses involved with communicating with the member organizations. The Local Organizing Committee of the Championship regatta will collect entry fees, insurance fees and other fees agreed to by a majority of the Executive Committee, for use by the Local Organizing Committee to run the Championship regatta. The Association will establish the Championship entry fees. All expenses of the Championship regatta are the responsibility of the Local Organizing Committee.

ARTICLE III – Membership

Section 1. The membership in the Association will consist of organizations that are involved in sponsoring rowing for high school aged youth (grades 9-12).

Section 2. Organizations may only draw all of their participants from a single high school (to be referred to as “scholastic“). Whether a program for a single high school has the designation as a varsity sport, is a recognized school activity, or is solely composed of students attending that school, without official school designation, it is considered “scholastic.” Members of a team must exclusively row representing that school during the spring season.

Section 3. Membership will be restricted to organizations located within the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and the western half of Pennsylvania.

Section 4. Dues for membership will be payable annually. To be eligible to participate in MSRA activities (voting and Championship regatta) an organization must be current in the payment of dues and have completed an information survey form by April 1 of the current year.

ARTICLE IV – Management

Section 1. Executive Committee and Executive Director of the Association
  1. Management of the Association shall be vested in an Executive Committee elected by the member organizations.
  2. The Executive Committee will consist of ten regionally elected representatives, from the following regions:
  • Western Pennsylvania: 2 representatives (A,B)
  • Ohio and West Virginia: (North, South): 2 representatives (B, C)
  • Michigan: (West, Central, Detroit ): 3 representatives (A, B, C)
  • Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky: 2 representatives (A, C)
  • At-Large (or Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin): 1 representative
  1. In the event that a subregion representative position is not filled, the open seat shall become at-large, filled for one year.
  2. Election of members to the Executive Committee will take place by email/mail ballot between Sept 1 and Sept 30 each year. The term of office for each regional representative will be three years on an A, B, C-year rotation from votes cast within the geographical sub-regions.  The At-Large position will be elected annually to a one year term with all member schools voting.   
  3. The members of the Executive Committee will be responsible for maintaining contact with organizations within their region to receive input and discuss issues of interest to the Association. They are responsible for advising the Executive Director of the Association of new rowing programs and providing information to those programs of how to become organizational members (payment of dues and completion of organizational information sheet prior to April 1). Each member of the Executive Committee will serve on at least one sub-committee.   
  4. The Executive Director of the Association will be elected by the Executive Committee. The Executive Director will be responsible for management of the Executive Committee (insuring that the agenda and minutes of the meetings and work of the sub-committees is posted along with other pertinent information on the internet, maintaining the contact information of the organizational members and receiving the payment of dues).  If the Executive Director is not an elected member of the Executive Committee, the Executive Director will cast a vote in the case of ties among the votes of the Executive Committee.
  5. The Executive Director Emeritus shall have a permanent, non-voting seat on the Executive Committee.
  6. The title of Executive Director Emeritus shall be bestowed upon Guy Weaser, in recognition for his dedicated service, strong leadership, and commitment to growth and development of the Midwest Scholastic Rowing Association.
Section 2. Meetings
  1. The Executive Committee will meet at least twice per year at times it determines to be convenient. The Executive Director will give written notice of each such meeting to each member organization. Each member organization may send a representative to participate in discussion at Executive Committee meetings; however only Executive Committee members may vote at meetings.
  2. Sub-Committees will meet or otherwise conduct business as needed to fulfill their responsibilities to craft proposals for action by the Executive Committee.
  3. Meeting of all member organizations will be held annually in the late fall and early summer for the purpose of discussing issues of concern to the Association, along with distribution of information from the Executive Director electronically; however no issues shall be voted upon during the general membership meeting.
  4. Quorum for official business to be voted upon:
    • i. For Executive Committee meeting, the quorum shall be 50% plus 1
    • ii. For committee meetings, the quorum shall be 50% plus 1
    • iii. For regatta rules changes at the executive committee level, quorum shall be 50% plus 1

ARTICLE V – Amendments

Amendments to the By Laws may be offered by any member organization and submitted to the Executive Director of the Association at least a month prior to the spring meeting. A two-thirds vote of those present and voting, will be required for the adoption of the amendment.

ARTICLE VI – Dissolution

In the event of liquidation, dissolution or termination of the Association, whether voluntary or involuntary or by the operation of law, its property or other assets, or any other proceeds thereof, shall be distributed to such non-profit organizations which shall be exempt from Federal Income Taxes under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or such corresponding section or sections as may be from time to time in force, as the members of the Association, by majority vote thereof, shall determine; and none of such property, assets or proceeds shall be distributed to, or among, any of the members of the Association.

ARTICLE VII – Adoption

These By Laws will become effective immediately (as revised, November 2010).

An organization failing to return its mail ballot will be deemed to have voted in favor of the adoption of these By Laws.

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