Lake Dillon Course

Dillon State Park in Nashport, Ohio is the site of Dillon lake, a 1560 acre lake which is home to the MSRA’s 1500 meter fully-buoyed Championship course. The course is sheltered from most wind-related disturbances and is the site of several rowing events during the spring and fall seasons, including the MSRA Championship Regatta, held the second weekend of May each year.

Racing shells enter the lake from a sheltered lagoon behind the park’s beach, and proceed to the starting platform on the far shore. The finish line for the 1500 meter course is directly off of the point of land at the end of the sand beach (see the attached course map and the photo on the head of our Home page). The entire length of the course is visible, and allows spectators a close-up view of the finish line.

For GPS directions, the address of the park office is:
5265 Dillon Hills Drive
Nashport, Ohio 43830

Map directions to the course.






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